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Trustpair career site


Les Customer Success Managers ont un rôle pivot au sein de l'entreprise, ce qui les amène à développer diverses compétences et peut ouvrir à des parcours variés ensuite. Il est donc intéressant d'aider un collaborateur à se projeter sur les évolutions...

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Meet Roland Lacroute, Engineering Manager at Trustpair.

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Meet Cyril Rondeau, Head of Product at Trustpair, building a thriving technology to prevent companies from a major financial and reputational risk : wire transfer fraud!

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Recruitment is no longer a simple matter of swelling the ranks of the company, but a real concern in finding and convincing the best talents needed to join the team. The key to success lies in two words: feedback and experience. Let’s focus on how...

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In most companies, Marketing and Sales teams always feel the same pain: marketing doesn’t bring in enough leads, while sales don’t process them quickly enough. However, sales and marketing teams must work in harmony, through recurrent communication,...

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